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We use wireless point to point technology to deliver super fast broadband to where it is needed. This is ideal in rural areas, bypassing the ageing copper network where speeds suffer due to the distance from exchanges/cabinets.


Our wireless network achieves faster response times than satellite broadband. This is due to our technology sending signals from your property to a base station in the local area, rather than being beamed to a satellite dish in space and back again. 

Can I get super fast broadband at my property?

If you can see one of our existing base stations from your property, then we install a dish anywhere on your property to connect you up. We then run a cable from the dish to router. It's that simple. Depending on your requirements, more complex WiFi setups can be installed, please see pricing.

What do I get?

We provide speeds of around 50 Mbps. We don't cap your data, so you get unlimited downloads. We pride ourselves in a prompt local support to keep you up and running.

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