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What is VoIP/Internet Phones?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method for taking ordinary analogue audio signals and turning them into digital signals, that can be sent over the internet. Basically, this means you can bypass the usual phone line, and stop paying £19pm for line rental. You can keep the same number as you have now.

How do I switch to a VoIP setup?

We now have our own VoIP service. Our service has low monthly charge AND low call rates, it will be billed on the same monthly bill as your broadband. For those few people who still pay on standing order - you will need to change to Direct Debit in order to take this service.

How Much Does It Cost?

Monthly Cost £5. inc VAT

Cost to Transfer your existing number £0

Cost of an adapter to convert your existing telephones to VOIP £50 inc VAT.

UK Landlines  1p/min UK Mobiles 3p/min

US & Canada Landlines and mobiles 2p/min

38 other countries at 5p/min Landline and 10p/min mobile including:

Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France2, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden.


For details of other countries see our summary rate card or full international rate card.

Calls are billed by the second and have no call setup charge (unlike certain well known national providers - who charge you a setup fee for each call!). All costs are inclusive of VAT.

Terms and conditions for this service are available here.

Note: 999 calls do work on VOIP phones, but we are required by law to register your address on a database so that can be visible to the emergency services, however unlike your old fashioned telephone, your  phone will not work in the case of a power cut or if your internet connection is down and so you won't be able to dial 999 on it during that time, if this is a concern for you for whatever reason you may want to consider keeping a traditional landline phone. Since most people have a mobile phone this is much less of a concern than it used to be.

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