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Installation & service pricing
The standard installation fee is £299, subject to site survey, some grants / discounts available in some locations.

Our standard offering is just £36.60 per month (inc VAT, £30.50 exc VAT) for unlimited, superfast broadband***. You don’t need to worry about usage limits**. 


In some areas of our network as part of an upgrade programme faster speeds may be available: 

100 Mbps

100Mbps Down
50Mbps Up
12 Month Contract
£39.99 per month****

300 Mbps

300 Mbps Down
100 Mbps Up
24 Month contract
£59.00 per month

900 Mbps

900 Mbps Down
600 Mbps Up
24 Month Contract
£129.00 per month


A way of saving more money is to completely end your landline rental and switch to our VOIP phone (you can keep your number) this means you are probably saving around £100 per year on line rental and our call charges are hugely cheaper both UK and international, See here for more information on VoIP.


Our standard install includes a modern stylish WiFi router.


Click here to view our terms and conditions  



If you need better WiFi coverage throughout your home or business, then we have a solution for you. We are experienced in providing superior WiFi coverage in all environments, from homes to hotels to large events. Quotes for providing this service are subject to a site survey, and we cannot always provide this service at the same time as broadband installation.  

* Subject to site survey

*** Unlimited for all regular users. We operate a fair usage policy, so please don't plan on downloading the entire internet every month.

*** Businesses with more than 3 employees should contact us for monthly pricing.

**** For existing customers upgrading or new customers utilizing the BDUK Gigabit Voucher the first 12 months on the 100Mbps service the monthly price is £36.60.  

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