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Installation & service pricing


The standard installation fee is £299, subject to site survey, some grants / discounts available in some locations.

Once up and running, you are not tied into any long term contracts! Our offering is super simple, there is one price, we don't charge exit fees or make you haggle with us at the end of the year, or worry about usage limits - it'sjust £32.40 per month (inc VAT, £27 exc VAT) for unlimited, superfast broadband***.


A way of saving more money is to completely end your landline rental and switch to our VOIP phone (you can keep your number) this means you are probably saving around £100 per year on line rental and our call charges are hugely cheaper both UK and international, See here for more information on VoIP.

Our standard install includes a modern stylish WiFi router offering 802.11n connectivity, If you want the more advanced version that also offers 802.11ac then that is an option which costs an extra £40 inc VAT. If you want the slightly more advanced router then please specify on your order.

We realise that for some people the install charge is an obstacle, and therefore we have introduced an alternative offer which has a £0 install price and a monthly charge of £44.75 inc VAT. This is for unlimited data but a maximum of 15Mb/s. In this offer the equipment installed remains the property of CFWN until you have had the service for 36 months, it requires a minimum 12 month contract and you can not swap to the standard tariff for 36 months from the time of install.

Click here to view our terms and conditions 




If you need better WiFi coverage throughout your home or business, then we have a solution for you. We are experienced in providing superior WiFi coverage in all environments, from homes to hotels to large events. Quotes for providing this service are subject to a site survey, and we cannot always provide this service at the same time as broadband installation.



* Subject to site survey

*** Unlimited for all regular users. We operate a fair usage policy, so please don't plan on downloading the entire internet every month.
*** Businesses with more than 3 employees should contact us for monthly pricing.

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